Wellbeing packages

Be the company that gives back when others are cutting back. Add wellness through corporate massage.

Are you caring for your staff? Do you get as much productivity from them as you could? Do your staff feel valued? How many sick days do your staff take? How many of your staff are office based and sit at a desk on a daily basis? Do they complain of back, neck and shoulder aches? Do they have an invisible illness such as Fibromyalgia? Do they suffer from migraines? All of these symptoms, plus many more lead to days off sick, which costs you as a company money.  

You’ve probably heard that massage is all about relaxation and aiding sleep. How is this going to help your staff? 

Massage and the power of touch has been around for a long time. Massage is a powerful tool for promoting and maintaining staff well-being. Massage is about the mind and body. The benefits include: stress reduction, better mood, improving circulation, better sleep, boosting energy, fighting fatigue, stronger immunity and reduce muscle aches and pains

By offering your staff a massage, as part of your wellbeing package you are making them feel valued, giving them some ‘me time’ and you may see an increase in productivity. Studies have shown that employees who have benefits of excellent wellbeing packages are absent less often, and they are retained for longer. With an engaged workforce and strong culture of wellness, you will have employees who want to stay.

Corporate massage is an investment in your most important asset – your staff. 

If you are interested in finding out more, contact me at info@ferndownmassage.com. I will be happy to discuss your requirements with you and arrange a package that suits your business needs.