I always strive to enhance my knowledge and practice. In doing so I can keep up to date with the latest information and techniques to ensure that my clients receive the best possible experience and service.

This year I completed training using a hands free technique, which was a game changer! Clients can now receive a more intense massage if required and I am able to preserve my hands, thus reducing the strain for me.

In 2021, I trained in pregnancy massage. I wish I had attended and received pregnancy massage when I was pregnant myself. What a wonderfully relaxing experience. Mums to be taking time for them. Relaxing, enjoying the tranquility and quiet, feeling their baby moving and connecting.

This year I have also completed holistic facial training. Another amazing treatment! I nodded off when it was my turn to be worked on, which says a lot as I can struggle to relax myself. The therapist used Neal’s Yard products and the smells, techniques and massage was a throughly enjoyable experience, along with making my skin feel and look fabulous.